Chapter 2 of the Working Environment Act imposes a comprehensive responsibility on the employer to ensure a fully safe working environment for its employees.

This responsibility is based on systematic HSEQ work involving both employer and employees. In this in-depth article, we analyze the employer’s duties in HSEQ work, based on content from

1. Systematic HSEQ work:

The employer must ensure that systematic HSEQ work is carried out in the business. This implies:

  • Planning: The employer must survey hazards and disadvantages in the working environment, assess the risk of accidents and health problems, and take measures to prevent these.
  • Implementation: The measures planned must be implemented and followed up. This includes training of workers, maintenance of equipment and technical installations, and use of protective equipment.
  • Control: The employer must regularly check that the HSEQ work is working properly. This can be done through internal control and guard rounds.

2. Information and training:

The employer must ensure that employees receive sufficient information and training on:

  • The Working Environment Act and other relevant HSEQ regulations.
  • The dangers and disadvantages in the working environment.
  • Use of protective equipment and machines.
  • First aid and preparedness in the event of accidents.

3. Cooperation with the employees:

The employer must ensure that the employees and their representatives are involved in the HSEQ work. This implies:

  • To give employees the opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of the HSEQ work.
  • Taking the employees’ views and input into account.
  • To ensure that there is good cooperation between employer and employees on HSEQ issues.

4. Health and safety representative and working environment committee:

The employer must make arrangements for the employees to choose a safety representative and establish a working environment committee. The health and safety representative and the working environment committee have an important role in representing the employees in HSEQ work.

5. Duty to ensure a fully responsible working environment:

The employer’s overall duty is to ensure a fully responsible working environment. This means that the employer must do everything reasonable to prevent accidents and health problems in the working environment.


The employer’s duties in HSE work are comprehensive and binding. By systematically mapping dangers and disadvantages, taking measures, involving the employees and providing the necessary information and training, the employer can contribute to a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.


This article is intended as a general guide only and is not a substitute for legal advice. For more detailed information about the employer’s duties in HSEQ work, see the Working Environment Act and the Norwegian Occupational Safety and Health Authority’s websites.

We hope this was a useful and informative article!