Variety, a good employer, many exciting challenges and lots of cool tools make Alexander Bore love his job as a craftsman.

Alexander Bore has worked for 14 years at Totalrenovering AS in Tromsø, and is incredibly proud of his job as a carpenter in the company.

– What’s so nice about being a craftsman is that you have an incredibly varied everyday life, and that you get to challenge yourself all the time, says Bore.

It is especially nice to be able to create something.

– Being able to leave work and see that you have produced something during the day is very important to me, he says.

We meet Alexander out on a mission in Ersfjorden, where he and Håkon Olaisen were well underway in completely renovating a house. A significant assignment that will require a lot of experience and good qualities to reach the goal with a good result.

– What also makes being a craftsman extra exciting is that things suddenly appear that you didn’t expect. For example, on a rehab job, you don’t know what’s behind a wall, which can result in you having to do a complete U-turn compared to what was planned.

SmartDok is a cool tool

Alexander has many tools that help him in his everyday life, and SmartDok is one of the tools he uses daily to simplify his work.

SmartDok is a cool tool

Alexander has many tools that help him in his everyday life, and SmartDok is one of the tools he uses daily to simplify his work.

Tools make the job even cooler

Out on the project in Ersfjorden, Alexander has with him a whole bunch of tools.

– I think that what also makes it cool to be a craftsman is the use of all the different tools. There is constant development here, and something new and smarter is always coming, he says.

Alexander shows us several tools that make his everyday life more efficient. A super-light circular saw, a slightly different hammer, laser tools, various electric screwdrivers and measuring devices and, not least, a very smart rubbish bin. All this to make Alexander and Håkon’s everyday life even better.

  • – I have a lot of clever tools that make my job even more fun!

To record hours, HSEQ, checklists, keep track of the tool and electronic crew lists, he uses one and the same app.

– SmartDok is an important tool for us. It makes the day much easier!

Totalrenovering AS has used SmartDok since 2011, and as a customer of the company you can trust that the documentation is top class, and that they take HSE seriously.

Satisfied employer and satisfied customers

As a craftsman, Alexander represents his company on all assignments.

– Satisfied customers are the most important thing. Customers expect a good result and top quality from a professional player like us at Totalrenovering AS.

– When we as craftsmen deliver, the customers come back to us!

A satisfied employer is also a motivational factor.

– There is a reason why I have worked here for 14 years. I am satisfied with the company, and I feel the employer is satisfied with the work I do. It means security.

TotalRenovation is a multidisciplinary builder with around 60 employees. Since its inception, the idea has been simple for the company; by supplying most trades, they must be a multidisciplinary resource that can help the customer in its entirety.

Motivated by apprentices

Totalrenovering AS is also good at taking on apprentices in the company to give them the practice and knowledge they need.

– It is nice to be an instructor for apprentices. So far I have had six pieces of different ages.

In addition to looking after the apprentices and sharing the experience he has gained, one learns a lot himself from having apprentices, claims Alexander.

– Taking in apprentices is very positive socially, and you also learn a lot about yourself. It is very educational!

– Then it’s important to follow them until they get their journeyman’s certificate. It’s a good moment!

You can follow Alexander Bore’s working day on his Instagram and TikTok profile. It is recommended!