The Working Environment Committee (AMU) is an important tool for ensuring a good working environment in Norwegian companies

AMU is a multi-party body with representatives from both management and employees, and must help ensure that the company complies with the applicable laws and regulations on the working environment.

Who must have AMU?

  • All businesses with at least 30 employees are obliged to create an AMU.
  • Businesses with between 10 and 30 employees must also have AMU if one of the parties (the management or the employees) requires it.
  • The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority can also decide that a business with less than 10 employees must have an AMU, if it is necessary to ensure a safe working environment.

What does AMU do?

AMU has a number of tasks, including:

  • Handle matters relating to the working environment in the company, such as issues of safety, health and welfare.
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of the company’s HSE work.
  • Monitor developments in the working environment.
  • Make their recommendations to management and employees on matters of working environment.

How is an AMU created?

The employer side nominates its own representatives to the committee. Someone from top management must always be represented. The employee side conducts the election of representatives. The principal protection representative must always be represented on the committee.

How many representatives should AMU have?

AMU must have the same number of representatives from the employer side and the employee side. Minimum 4 and maximum 8 people.