The working environment is an important factor for both the employees’ health and well-being, and for the company’s finances. It is therefore important that everyone in a workplace contributes to creating a good and safe working environment.

Responsibility for the HSEQ work is distributed among different roles in the business. The most important role is played by the employer.

Employer’s responsibility

The employer has the overall responsibility for HSEQ work in the enterprise. This responsibility follows from the Working Environment Act, and it is independent of the enterprise’s size or industry.

The employer’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment
  • Assessing and managing risks
  • Providing information and training to employees
  • Cooperating with employees and their representatives

Employees’ responsibility

Employees also have a responsibility for HSEQ work. This responsibility follows from the Working Environment Act, and it is a personal responsibility for each individual employee.

Employees’ responsibilities include:

  • Using the personal protective equipment that the employer has found necessary
  • Cooperating with the employer and the HSEQ representative
  • Reporting any hazards or risks

HSEQ representative

The HSEQ representative is a person elected by the employees to represent their interests in HSEQ matters. The HSEQ representative has the right to:

  • Access all information related to HSEQ in the enterprise
  • Participate in risk assessments
  • Make proposals to the employer
  • File complaints to the Labour Inspection Authority

How to ensure that HSEQ work is effective

The most important thing for ensuring that HSEQ work is effective is to have a good cooperation between the employer, employees, and the HSEQ representative. This cooperation should be based on trust and respect.

The employer should also provide employees with the necessary information and training to enable them to perform their work safely and without risk to their health.

In addition, the employer should regularly assess and manage risks in the workplace. This assessment should be based on the best available information and should take into account the needs of all employees.

By following these principles, it is possible to create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.