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For many people, time registration is experienced as an unclear and boring process, which in turn makes the work of the payroll department more difficult.

Why time registration?

Before we go into how to simplify time registration in your own company, you should perhaps ask yourself; Why do we actually register hours?

– Yes, because there is no better way to understand a project budget, employee performance and team profitability. The work carried out is the most significant cost for any business, and good time recording provides deep insight that can improve operations and reduce costs for the company.

In many construction companies today, the employees document their time consumption through various manual time recording systems. Such documentation can be a daily form, weekly form, spreadsheet on data or other forms of documentation, which, for example, in their simplest form can be yellow post-it notes. Or it could be a digital timekeeping system that is not adapted to your industry.

It is this documentation that forms the basis for the salary payment and which can quickly become the biggest headache for a company.

How can one get a precise salary payment in relation to the number of hours produced? With poor documentation, the result can be inaccurate invoices sent to customers, errors in salary payments and a lot of extra work for the administration.

There is a solution to the “headache”.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help companies “in need” to simplify time registration, salary payment, and get a more precise connection between each individual project and the number of hours used. Such a system can be web- and mobile-based.

Just imagine being able to submit hours without having to go to the office. Pick up your mobile phone, enter hours on the correct project and send them in wherever you are. Whether you are sitting in an excavator or on a scaffolding on a construction site is exactly the same. You do the time keeping in the simplest way you can think of. Then we talk about efficiency!

How about adding the machine hours at the same time? You can do that too. In the same registration, you can submit hours on the correct machine that has been used, and thus get an even better invoice basis.

SmartDok has developed its web- and mobile-based system in line with the industry’s demands and wishes, and as a result, SmartDok contains a variety of convenient features that are accessible on all popular platforms and browsers on mobile and via your computer.

Good integrations and easy to get started

With SmartDok, you can reduce the work associated with hours to a minimum. The solution simplifies registration, approval, calculation/summation/punching of invoice basis and salary basis.

There are also many reports to retrieve such as e.g. time spent on their projects. The system also provides opportunities to transfer hours to many payroll systems such as PowerOffice Go, Tripletex, Visma Business, Payroll, Visma eAccounting, Zirius, ProAdm, Xledger, Invo, Financial, Uni Economy, Duett, 24SevenOffice, Axaz, Microsoft 365 and HMSREG.

Read about the integrations here.

Changing the platform for time registration is not necessarily a particularly fun process. One must take into account the choice of supplier, one must be able to understand the functions and benefits of a new system, determine prices, and get a change approved by the rest of the team.

Even when there is an absolute necessity to make changes, it is easy to find excuses to put it off or wait until someone else can take over the job of changing the system. The comfort is that getting rid of the headache does not have to be a difficult process.

SmartDok has skilled people in sales and support who will help you take lasting control of the problem, and not least ensure a better everyday life out in the field and in the office.

SmartDok most used

SmartDok is the most used solution in the building and construction industry today, and for good reason. The solution gives you an all-in-one solution where you choose what the system will solve for you. You simply choose which modules you will have. You can choose between these:

In addition, we also have a tool overview, order, rowing list and driving book.

The system is web-based and there are separate apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to use the solution also from a mobile phone. This means that you don’t have to think about updating, backing up data and all other problems that you might have with installing and operating the solution in your own server park.

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