Now a building card reader is no longer necessary. From now on, you can register in and out via the app, and connect to the HSEQ card without using the physical reader. Get started today!

Previously, our customers relied on a physical registration box for two main tasks:

Linking HSEQ cards to users: This was an essential function, as HSEQ cards are important for confirming the identity and qualifications of workers on a construction site.
Check-in and check-out from the construction site: Although this could also be done via the app, the box was often used as a central registration point on the construction site.

But times change, and with it so do our solutions.

What’s new?

With our updated all-digital solution, customers can now:

Link HMS card to users without a physical box: You can now link your HSEQ card to your user profile via SmartDok.
Check-in and check-out 100% digital: Although this was possible before, we now highlight the total independence of a physical box for this purpose.

The reports that customers can retrieve are the same as before, but with a new function. In addition to seeing who has been on the construction site, customers can now also see which device the person has checked in via. This can be useful for tracking the movements of people on the construction site.

Other benefits

Increased flexibility: Link your HSEQ card and check in/out from anywhere, at any time.
Environmentally friendly: Less physical equipment means a reduction in the carbon footprint.
Time-saving: Faster processes for both workers and administrative personnel.
Geofence: With Geofence enabled, you can create custom areas for the project.

This is a big step forward for all our customers who do not need, or want to reduce the use of, physical registration boxes. With this update, SmartDok moves even closer to a complete digital workflow, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation in the construction industry.

Do I need a box?

Are you wondering which electronic crew list solution is right for you?

Here are the options:

Fully digital solution only we app
App + registration box
Registration box only

Contact us and we can help you find the right solution.

Are you already a customer of ours today and have a registration box that you don’t know what to do with? Contact us and we will arrange a solution for you.

What about the Subcontractors?

Fear not. If you want to let subcontractors check in and out of a project via our fully digital solution, there is no problem. In these cases, one downloads our UE app and registers in and out of the project. This also applies in cases where a registration box is used.