The company combines the best of the past and the future

Olimb Anlegg has continuously been at the forefront of technological development in the construction industry.

We sat down with project manager Kristian August Olimb to dive deeper into the company’s history, its innovations, and how modern tools such as SmartDok help them optimize operations and projects.

Electric powered pilot pipe drilling rig

2022 marked a milestone for the company, when they invested in Norway’s first electrically powered pilot pipe drilling rig. This was not only a technological upgrade, but also a step towards a more environmentally friendly approach in the construction industry.

– With this investment, we have moved forward towards a future of emission-free facilities. Being at the front line of the green shift and contributing to a sustainable transition is of great importance to us, says Kristian with pride.

Pilot pipe drilling is a specialized NoDig technique, ideal for jobs in loose masses where accuracy is of utmost priority.

– This method can deliver an impressive precision of plus/minus 20 millimeters over a stretch of 100 metres, he says.

– We have many years of experience and have a large fleet of machines. We have built ourselves up so that we can cover the entire spectrum, regardless of the ground conditions. We always have the equipment to carry out the drilling. I think that is a great strength, he adds.

Not only is the company ahead with its working methods and machines, but also in digitalisation.

Easier and smarter working days

The digitization of the construction industry has not passed Olimb Anlegg hus by. With the implementation of SmartDok, a tool for project documentation, the company has streamlined its daily operations. It gives them the ability to quickly collect, analyze and store important project information in real time.

– It saves us time, increases accuracy and ensures that all necessary information is easily accessible to all parties involved, says Kristian.

Better HSEQ work

SmartDok has streamlined the way Olimb Anlegg conducts its daily operations.

– Previously, reports were collected and submitted once a week, which led to delays and challenges with data collection. With SmartDok, we can receive daily reports with precise data and images, which gives us the opportunity to immediately make the necessary adjustments, says Kristian.

One of the most significant advantages of SmartDok is its HSEQ module.

– This module gives the team the opportunity to submit RUH and deviations quickly and efficiently, while at the same time they have access to the HSEQ handbook, the document library and the substance catalog straight from their phones. This centralizes the information and provides easy access for the entire team.

In 2023, Olimb Anlegg has adopted the SmartMEF module in SmartDok, which is MEF’s HSEQ system. This module is similar to the normal HSEQ module in SmartDok, but also contains all MEF’s templates and forms.

Kristian Olimb with the machine he bought in the USA for NOK 520,000. The first of its kind in Scandinavia. Here, the company test drives the machine under the national highway in Råde.

Innovation from day one

In 1957, Kristian Olimb laid the foundations for his construction business in Råde. With his forward-looking eyes, he pioneered new methods and techniques for pipe laying. In 1970, Kristian sought inspiration in the USA and returned with the first machine specialized for drilling in loose masses.

Just a few years later, he introduced rough hole drilling for tunnel drilling in mountains, and positioned Olimb Anlegg as a leader in rough hole drilling. This method was further developed to be able to stand inside tunnels to drill during the day, this was very ground-breaking in terms of being able to operate in winter in the high mountains.

Since then, Olimb Anlegg has consistently expanded its expertise and machine fleet, especially within techniques that enable pipe laying without the need for digging, NoDig.

– We were the first in Norway to carry out precisely this type of work. The concept is the same as in 1970, but now there is a little more accuracy, says Kristian August.

The company has handled a number of challenging NoDig projects over the years, where the prestigious VA project Midgardsormen in Oslo stands as one of their most striking achievements.

Financial and time advantages

The use of SmartDok has also proven to be financially beneficial for Olimb Anlegg.

– The digital tool has cut down on time-consuming tasks, such as punching time lists, and has given us the opportunity to receive ongoing information from the projects, which saves time and money, says Kristian August.

The digitization of documents has also removed the need for paper-based archiving, which previously could be confusing and time-consuming.

Kristian then highlights the things he likes most about SmartDok.

  • Customized reports
    This is the information we receive from the employees, through the reports we have created ourselves in SmartMEF or HMS/KS.
  • Photo documentation
    Documenting with pictures in SmartDok is nice. Our employees attach photos to the daily report of what has been done, receipt of goods and other things that are important to document.
  • Centralized information
    We have all the information gathered in one place.
  • Access to resources
    The HSE handbook, the document library and the substance catalog are easily accessible via the phone.
  • Notifications
    Put notifications on both machines and certificates, and enter when there is an EU inspection.

A result of good documentation work in the field is that project manager Kristian August Olimb has a good overview of the projects via SmartDok.

The definition of a successful project

For Olimb Anlegg, success is not just about completing a mission, but about how it is done. As Kristian explains:

– Success is when we have delivered what was ordered and expected, and that we have delivered in relation to the agreed time. It is also about being solution-oriented along the way, and getting the project to port in the best way for the client and main contractor/builder.

Olimb Anlegg has always been innovative in its work, and with the investment in Norway’s first electrically powered pilot pipe drilling rig, they have taken a big step towards a greener future. This new technology underlines the company’s commitment to precision and quality, while marking a move towards sustainability in the construction industry. Through this investment, Olimb Anlegg shows its commitment to both technological innovation and environmentally friendly practices.