Maren Wiger, facility manager at Granåsen sports park

Maren Wiger enjoys her job as Facility Manager in Granåsen sports park. Here she is helping to completely renovate the legendary jumping and skiing facility.

Maren completed her education as a civil engineer at NTNU in 2019. With previous experience from SWECO, where she worked as a road engineer, she began her career at Gjermundshaug Anlegg in September 2021.

Maren says that the transition to the role of Facility Manager happened quickly, but it has been a learning experience.

– It has gone quite quickly, but it has been both challenging and fun. I really got to test myself, says Maren.

Maren recently celebrated her 30th birthday and she finds great joy in her work at Gjermundshaug Anlegg. Here, the company has taken on extensive responsibilities that include all groundwork. This involves, among other things, the excavation of trenches for electricity and water/drainage, as well as responsibility for landscape design and preparation for concrete work carried out by NCC.

Maren is a young Facility Manager, and has taken on a great deal of responsibility in Granåsen. She enjoys that, she can tell.

The days as a Facility Manager: variety and challenges

Maren enjoys the variety in her job. She says that no two days are the same, and she alternates between spending time in front of the computer in the office and being out at the plant.

– In addition, it is very challenging, and you learn something new every day! Especially at such a facility as here in Granåsen where so many disciplines are involved.

In addition, it is a very social career choice.

– Being a very social being, I love meeting new people, and I get to experience that here all the time.

As a woman in an industry where women are in the minority, Maren encourages more women to take the step into the construction industry.

– I have been very well received, both by my employer and out on the projects. Having said that, we want more women in the industry, we are in the minority after all. I think it’s great to be a woman in the construction industry!

Maren Wiger
Maren Wiger

It must be user-friendly!

Maren likes SmartDok because it is easy to use, and then we know it will be used all over the year!

Maren Wiger

It must be user-friendly!

Maren likes SmartDok because it is easy to use, and then we know it will be used all over the year!

A legendary ski and jumping facility will be new

Granåsen ski center is Trondheim’s main arena for winter sports. The facility was used during the World Ski Championships in 1997, and is used for World Cup races and will be used again during the World Ski Championships in 2025. The facility for cross-country skiing and biathlon is also used as a concert arena in the summer. Now the facility will be completely new.

Maren says that both the lower race and the upper race have been redone with new length profiles.

Is it with a certain degree of awe that you start this job? This is a facility that everyone knows well.

– It’s quite exciting, isn’t it! Naturally, there will be a little extra spotlight on such a project, it is a little different since many people follow it extra closely. But it is not everyday that new ski jumps are built, so it is exciting, rare and fun to be part of.

Maren shares that the project has been challenging, especially with the steep terrain.

– It has been demanding, because the terrain is quite steep in the run and we have had to hire special machines to be able to get the job done. The machines have had to be suspended in cables to be able to work in the steep drainage ditch, says Maren.

Handover of the facility is planned for September 2023, but parts of the facility have already been handed over.

– They have already used the jumping hill, for example. The first mare set out on 1 February.

Maren Wiger

The wall behind Maren was specially built by Gjermundshaug Anlegg, and is part of the new ski bridge.

Great responsibility requires good routines and documentation

As a Facility Manager, Maren coordinates progress with main contractor NCC, while also following up on HSE, quality and documentation.

An important part of her toolbox is SmartDok, which is used for time registration, RUH, checklists and quality deviations.

– Our goal is to minimize the number of systems our employees have to deal with. They document everything in SmartDok, and I act as the link further on, says Maren.

She emphasizes ease of use and simplicity to ensure that the system is easy to use and well received by the team.

Maren points out the importance of keeping checklists short and simple.

– If it becomes too time-consuming, it will not be used. In addition, we have many standard checklists available in SmartDok, which can be adapted from project to project.

– A clear and simple tool that helps me do my job as plant manager even better!

Maren has proven to be a skilled and committed Facility Manager in the construction industry. With her dedicated efforts, she inspires others who are considering a similar career path. She is now looking forward to continuing with the exciting challenges in the renewal of the well-known Granåsen ski centre.