Løkse Maskin AS – experts in digging for fiber, telecommunications and power, use SmartDok for an accurate overview and efficient workflow in all projects, all year round

Managing director Bjørn Løkse emphasizes the importance of SmartDok. The system has helped them keep track of the projects, especially when it comes to documentation.

– We live in a “demanding documentation age”, and without systems like SmartDok it can be difficult to meet all the requirements, says Bjørn.

Bjørn explains how crucial good documentation is in the construction industry.

– When we worked on the groundwork for a gymnasium, we delivered over 1,100 pictures and checklists directly from SmartDok. For us, it was never a question of getting paid, he says.

He highlights the significant documentation requirements from the municipalities in particular.

– The documentation requirements here are extremely strict! It can be challenging, and you can tear your hair out from time to time. But the choice is simple: Either you follow the requirements or end up arguing and potentially not getting paid. For our part, there has been very little noise thanks to our thorough documentation.

And precisely here lies much of the success of Løkse Maskin, and why the company has a high status with its customers.

From small jobs to large-scale projects

When managing director Bjørn Løkse talks about Løkse Maskin, it is with pride and respect for the employees and family who have made the company what it is today. From small jobs in electricity and telephone to now being a preferred player with specialization in fibre, electricity, road construction and water and drainage.

The story started in 1999 when Løkse AS and Løkse Spesialavfall, owned by Bjørn Løkse’s father, became part of Perpetuum. It is therefore almost 25 years since this happened. The firm experienced explosive growth around 2015–2016, with the number of employees increasing to around 20.

– The framework agreements and a foot in the farming industry paid off and we achieved significant growth, says Bjørn.

Today, Løkse Maskin has a wide range of services, thanks to their modern machine park which includes everything from 35-tonne excavators to dumpers.

– We have many good employees. Everyone stands and lines up if something comes up. And so I think we are doing a good job, we haven’t heard anything else anyway.

There is also invaluable family support behind the success.

– One should also thank those who sit at home. She who often has to accept that work comes close to and almost equated with private life. The support and patience from the fiancé and the children is worth its weight in gold! And perhaps partly the reason why you manage to operate as you do, adds Bjørn gratefully.

An app that is easy to use

Jørn Ove Sæbbe is a machine operator at Løkse Maskin and uses SmartDok daily. He points out that it is very easy to use and does not steal time from his work.

An app that is easy to use

Jørn Ove Sæbbe is a machine operator at Løkse Maskin and uses SmartDok daily. He points out that it is very easy to use and does not steal time from his work.

Year-round operation: A challenge in northern Norway

For machine contractors, winter can be a trial, and many employ their employees to acquire plowing assignments during this period. Løkse Maskin has solved this challenge by obtaining good agreements with electricity and network suppliers.

– The winter in northern Norway can be a challenge, but with agreements with companies such as Nettpartner, Frost Kraftentreprenør and Arva, we manage to secure jobs even in the coldest months, says Bjørn.

High activity in a large part of the country means that you often come across the machines and cars of Løkse Maskin around Northern Norway.

– It is funny to think that our modest company from little Salangen has a presence that extends so far, says Bjørn Løkse.

– People notice our cars everywhere, from Senja to Målselv and Balsfjord. Our primary work area covers places such as Senja, Målselv, Bardu, Salangen, Dyrøy, Lavangen, Gratangen and Ibestad. But we have also extended our reach to Porsanger and have had assignments at Setermoen.

Løkse Maskin actively uses photo documentation. They diligently document work carried out so that they can document to the client what has been carried out. Here Bjørn takes a picture in the SmartDok app out on a project for Bardu municipality.

Works effectively with the North Norwegian aid

There is a lot to be handled on the construction site, and for Bjørn Løkse and his team, the use of SmartDok has really made a difference.

– It is like night and day compared to how we worked 15 years ago, says Bjørn, and adds that things are now much easier for the workers out on projects.

– Registering hours, product consumption and events has become a breeze. One click here, a picture there, and voila – in just 5 seconds the documentation is in Anette’s office, says Bjørn enthusiastically.

By collecting the documentation in a user-friendly system, the company saves time, believes Bjørn.

– With SmartDok, we get rid of a number of time thieves, who in turn steal valuable working time from both the worker in the excavator and us in the office, and ultimately, family time.

– All age groups find the system clear, says Bjørn.

According to Bjørn, the fact that hours, item registration and checklists are carried out easily from a smartphone also means that you get paid for the jobs.

– Registering hours and submitting images through SmartDok is critical for us. Otherwise we wouldn’t get paid for the jobs.

But what about office work? Anette Løkse, Bjørn’s uncle who handles administrative work in the company, is equally enthusiastic.

She appreciates that everything is gathered in one app.

– To save time? Oh my God, yes!, she says with a smile.

It is easy to start new projects

You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when you start a new project in SmartDok. The foundations of the project are already in place, says Anette Løkse, who works with administration in the company.

It is easy to start new projects

You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when you start a new project in SmartDok. The foundations of the project are already in place, says Anette Løkse, who works with administration in the company.

Easy to get started with new projects

Starting new projects can often be time-consuming and complicated, but for Løkse Maskin, SmartDok has made this process significantly easier.

– When we start a new project, it’s straight forward, explains Anette.

– We simply create the project in the system, copy over a previous KS plan, and if necessary we adjust for the HSEQ requirements of the job in question.

She also points out the flexibility that SmartDok offers.

– If there is a need for changes, for example in the organizational plan, we easily adapt the documents before they are uploaded. Even if we make some small adjustments here and there, we save a lot of time because we don’t start from scratch every time.

– With SmartDok, it doesn’t feel like “reinventing the wheel”, but rather like building on a solid foundation, says Anette.

For many years, Løkse Maskin has prioritized HSEQ, and in SmartDok they have had a system that has simplified work for everyone, which has resulted in safer and more quality-assured execution for the benefit of their customers.

Anette also wants to highlight SmartMEF, MEF’s new HSEQ system in SmartDok, which they have made a good start with.

– Now we have both MEF’s industry-specific document and form templates and a user-friendly HSEQ system under one roof. It’s absolutely great!

In an age where precision, documentation and efficiency are central, Løkse Maskin has created a footprint in Northern Norway. The partnership with us in SmartDok has strengthened the footprint, by streamlining work processes and ensuring that the customers’ needs are always at the centre. This is how a company from beautiful Salangen has shown that with the combination of modern technology, dedicated work and belief in what you do, you can succeed with year-round operations in Northern Norway.

Bjørn Løkse is satisfied with the size of the company he runs. – Things are moving forward, we are doing well, and we make sure to keep people employed, says Bjørn.