Office manager Mari Jøndahl and HSEQ manager Elisabeth Hårberg Jensrud are concerned that the company has one
strong market position and is deeply rooted in HSEQ.

Brevik AS has HSEQ as cornerstones in everything they do, which gives customers peace of mind and good results on the construction site

Safety and quality as cornerstones

As Brevik AS now stands on the threshold of its 50th anniversary, their expertise in project management testifies to a company that knows how to manage complex tasks effectively.

– Many ongoing projects require tight management. We have 60–70 projects rolling at the same time. With SmartDok, we get the necessary overview and control, which is worth its weight in gold for everyone. This applies both outside the facilities and inside the office, points out office manager Mari Jøndahl at Brevik AS.

When several projects run in parallel, Brevik AS’ focus on quality and HSEQ is not only central, but also a success factor that ensures that each individual project maintains a high standard and takes place safely and efficiently.

in SmartDok is
my bible

HSEQ manager Elisabeth Hårberg Jensrud has put all parts of SmartDok’s HSEQ system into use.

in SmartDok is
my bible

HSEQ manager Elisabeth Hårberg Jensrud has put all parts of SmartDok’s HSEQ system into use.

Elisabeth’s HSEQ Bible

Elisabeth Hårberg Jensrud fully and firmly relies on SmartDok’s HSEQ module in the work to ensure a safe and quality-assured working environment. For her, SmartDok’s HSEQ module is the “bible”. She elaborates:

– For my part, it is my bible. We use it every single day, both in the office and out in the various projects.

Elisabeth also highlights the use of checklists and pictures as a tool the team has become increasingly good at using.

– Because the system is user-friendly and easy to learn, we save time and money when the operator fills in the checklist himself.

– Having a good system for RUE (Report of Unwanted Event) and quality deviations prevents problems in the future. When everyone uses the same familiar system, it also becomes easier for everyone to understand and follow along, she adds.

The document center in SmartDok is an important tool in their day-to-day operations, with all necessary documentation available to all employees and contractors.

– At project level, we have one folder per project. All project documentation is placed there, explains Elisabeth, who adds that this ensures easy and quick access to information, regardless of their role in the company.

Machine operator Sander Stenshorne Gravdal thinks it’s great to get some cake at work when Mari and Elisabeth stop by the construction site.

The choice of Brevik AS: Why customers prefer them

The customers’ loyalty to Brevik AS is not accidental; it is a result of the company’s constant focus on quality and a solution-oriented approach in all stages of the work.

– We are forward-looking and committed to the work we do. We are able to think creatively and solution-oriented in all situations with a strong focus on quality, and this has led to us being able to establish long-term and strong relationships with several large and small contractors and clients in the industry, says Jøndahl.

This relationship with customers is based on trust and predictability. Brevik AS’ customers know that they can always expect high quality, and that the company delivers as agreed.

– A large part of our success lies in many recurring customer relationships. We work closely with our customers to find the most practical and cost-effective solutions, and are always ready to adapt to the projects’ various requirements and challenges, concludes Mari.

– The digitization of the documents saves time

Office manager Mari Jøndahl is clear that the digitization of document management saves the company a lot of time.

– The digitization of the documents saves time

Office manager Mari Jøndahl is clear that the digitization of document management saves the company a lot of time.

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

In 2019, Brevik AS started using PowerOffice for accounting and payroll, which simplifies work in the company by integrating smoothly with SmartDok, especially when it comes to hours and payroll.

Mari Jøndahl, office manager at Brevik AS, shares the company’s positive experience with the transition:

– From the moment we implemented PowerOffice, we have used the integration with SmartDok for hours and wages as well as machine hours and machine costs. This has proven to be a critical change that has significantly simplified our daily operations.

Jøndahl further points out that this choice has been strategic for the company, with regard to simplifying and improving the processes related to project costs.

– We save time with the payroll run, when everything is complete and we have the unit supplements entered into SmartDok processed and approved, then they are a keystroke away from the accounting system, says Mari.

The integration between PowerOffice and SmartDok has made it possible for Brevik AS to handle time and salary data in a more efficient way, and has helped to reduce both the time and resources required for administrative tasks, while ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Health, environment and safety are a priority. Therefore, the customers of Brevik AS can trust that the work is always done with the highest quality.

Measure for success

For Brevik AS, success is about collective solutions. Mari shares insights:

– Success on a project for us is when all the actors jointly find the best and most cost-effective solutions, she says finally.

Brevik AS continues to strengthen its position in the market with a deeply rooted focus on quality and HSEQ. Through the use of SmartDok, they experience increased efficiency and quality assurance in their work, which both Mari and Elisabeth can attest to. Their story is not just a tale of financial success, but of commitment to a safe, efficient and people-oriented working environment.

Elisabeth has finished her visit to the construction site, and is confident that the workers on the construction site have a strong focus on HSEQ.