SmartDok has helped us work smarter!

Grunnarbeid Vest in Bergen saves time and money with smarter documentation.

Managing director Bjørn Kallekleiv has really seen the savings by using a digital documentation system.

With effective use of time registration, checklists and deviation forms, the company catches errors before they occur.

– If a mistake were to occur, it will be well documented, so that it is rectified and the chance of repetition is reduced, says Bjørn Kallekleiv, general manager of Grunnarbeid Vest.

– SmartDok solves the time crunch, really! There are big savings in time.

– When it is easy to find out, it goes straight back to the financial aspect. We spend less time looking for things, and can spend time on what we need to do. At the same time, we receive the hours, product consumption and additional work, so that we can continuously invoice the customer.

– We spend little time managing this.

– The digital aids have helped us a lot in relation to documentation and structure, when invoicing and having control over the documents, and not least for those out in the field. It has greatly simplified our working day!

Time is money for all companies in the construction industry, and if you simplify the everyday life of those in the field and the administration, it will of course be felt on the bottom line.

– We save a lot of time, and this comes back in the form of money. We are saving significant sums!

Good documentation – fewer complaints

The company’s employees use SmartDok, and document what is being done at all times on the projects. Photos of work carried out, hours, product consumption and deviations are all entered into the same user-friendly app.

Since everything is in one system, the employees on the projects save a lot of time, and not least it results in good documentation. The result is a correct invoice basis, continuous payments, less wastage and fewer complaints.

It is every company’s biggest nightmare not to get a settlement because the client believes that work has not been carried out correctly, or completed at all.

Bjørn tells us that one of the reasons why the company has chosen to document in SmartDok is to be able to easily document work, so that the client can easily be informed about what has been carried out.

– We received a question about additional work we had carried out. In a short time we sent over pictures, timetables and checklists to the builder, and I don’t think they had seen anything like this before. They were very surprised at how well things were documented, and no more questions were asked about the lessons and our additional work, says Bjørn.

As a customer of Grunnarbeid Vest, you can therefore trust that the work carried out is documented.

Gazelle company for the third year in a row

Bjørn Kallekleiv today leads a company with healthy finances and steel control on its projects. In 2021, the company’s turnover was NOK 44 million.

Gazelle company for the third year in a row

Bjørn Kallekleiv today leads a company with healthy finances and steel control on its projects. In 2021, the company’s turnover was NOK 44 million.

Simplifies work with certification

Grunnarbeid Vest has also become an Environmental Lighthouse, and is currently working to become ISO certified. The company actively uses SmartDok in its efforts to certify itself.

What is the real reason for wanting to be certified?

– For our part, it is to get better, and not least so that the customers know that this is a company that operates seriously. Documentation and documentation must then be in place. In addition, you get access to assignments for the public sector. There are greater demands every year, says Bjørn.

How has SmartDok helped you in that work?

– We have created all documentation, all forms, checklists and notification of deviations in SmartDok. These are things that must be revised and presented around certification, and then all deviation forms and the like are processed in SmartDok.

All documentation is in one place, so that it is easy to find and easy to present to the certifiers!

The company’s employees are good at documenting what is done. Which results in fewer complaints, better documentation and ultimately better finances.

Getting started with SmartMEF

Like many other companies in the construction industry, Grunnarbeid Vest has started with SmartMEF. For those wondering what it is, it is MEF’s KS system, which is now found in SmartDok.

–  This is the best of two things. MEF has a lot of good things, so merging KSMEF and SmartDok together was absolutely great.

Bjørn wants to highlight the positive aspects of being a MEF member.

– We use MEF as an adviser. We get a lot of support when we have questions. One can also get legal help if needed.

– It is a great organization with many members. You can also receive training in the form of courses, as well as that we bring in people through Okab.

About Grunnarbeid Vest AS

Grunnarbeid Vest AS was started in 1994 and offers everything within building applications, engineering, foundation and concrete work. We offer our services to both the private and business world, and have the knowledge needed to ensure that your project is completed at the agreed time with the agreed result.
Grunnarbeit Vest is approved for liability law. We have machines and equipment for both small and large projects and take assignments in Bergen, Os and the surrounding area.