Make sure periodic maintenance and documentation is a breeze with the machine and service module of SmartDok

Failure to report wear and tear on construction machinery leads to unnecessary downtime. With our system, you can actively prevent the machine fleet.

Customers of SmartDok highlight the following when they are asked why they like the machine module in the system;

  • I can register fuel consumption
  • It’s nice to record machine hours at the same time as working hours!
  • We document mileage, and record notes and error messages
  • It is useful to receive notifications when it is time for periodic maintenance and to get the status of service
  • Linking checklists and forms to the machine is super easy”

In short, you avoid costly extra expenses while increasing the operating time of the machines with good control over the machine park.

Checklists against machine

It is smart to link the machine overview with the form in HSEQ in SmartDok. The tool allows you to set up checklists against the machines so that you never forget a service check, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or annual checks.

Larsen Maskin is one of many companies in Norway that have taken advantage of this opportunity.

– We go over the checklists for the machines so that we are always ahead of the curve. It is a very good aid, says chairman Christian Østnes of Larsen Maskin.

Machine operator Pål Martin Brattfjord takes out his mobile phone and takes us through a checklist for the engine in the excavator he is driving.

– Here I check, among other things, the oil status, antifreeze, hydraulic oil and more. It is easy to register via the app, and this ensures good prevention and, not least, prevents downtime of the equipment, he says.

Typical checklists in SmartDok that help to ensure stable operation can be; daily machine maintenance, weekly machine check, annual machine review, winter machine maintenance.

Get an overview of workshop costs

We had a chat with our eminent colleague in Oslo, Morten Sandin, who works closely with construction customers.

Morten Sandin on the right in the picture helps our customers get full use of our system. Here he is visiting a project at Braathen Landskapsentreprenør AS. He has experienced that many customers make big savings by using SmartDok.

Using the machine module reduces machine damage with the help of good follow-up, which in turn will lead to big savings, and not least simpler complaints against suppliers. The machine and service module is recognizable as a typical SmartDok module, intuitive, simple and time-saving.

Morten Sandin, SmartDok

Morten also has some tips and tricks about the use of this module to offer, and would this time focus on making greater use of workshop orders.

– Through this function, you can get an overview of which vehicles have been at the workshop at any given time and had an order filled out. You can choose to look at all machines or at a single machine. You can also filter and look at the jobs that have been completed/closed, as well as retrieve details about a single order, he says.

Availability time

Did you know that it is the employer who is responsible for the drivers recording their working hours? asks Morten.

The registration must contain the start and end time for each working day, breaks, availability time and overtime. A printout from a tachograph will not do.

– Our solution takes availability time into account.

Summary of the machine and service module in SmartDok:

  • Get a better overview and control of your own machine park
  • Document availability time. Meet the requirements from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority
  • Receive notifications for periodic maintenance, periodic vehicle checks and errors/deficiencies (for example EU checks or annual checks)
  • Registering machine hours on specific machines and each individual project gives you complete control
  • Provides you with good documentation of error messages, notes and fuel consumption
  • Attach forms, checklists, control forms to the machines. Assumes that you have the HSEQ module.
  • Access to a comprehensive machine hour report

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