Consumption and Production of Goods

Use your mobile to register the consumption of goods and transportation of masses

SmartDok assists you to keep control over transportation, loads and inventory.

  • The module is easy to use and you can attache all items to each project.

  • You can easily customize the transport list to suit your needs. Adaptation is one of many strengths to SmartDok versus its competitors

  • In SmartDok you get three options in one; consumption – production – mass transport

  • You will get access to good and informative reports that help with a more accurate billing database

  • As a SmartDok user, you get an overview of all items where one can enter prices, as well as an easy editing option

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We use the module to register transport, masses and inventory. Daily, every driver records everything that is being transported and we have a full overview at all times.

Jøte Brekmo, Grav & Spreng

Have you driven a weld of gravel, delivered materials, manufactured puck? Now you can register this in our Consumption and Production of Goods module in SmartDok.

SmartDok helps to keep track of transportation, mass and storage. Register consumption of goods / material against project, record what you have produced on a project, or register mass transit / payroll.

Get access to consumer reports so that you have a full overview of what is produced and what is consumed per. project.
You also get an overview of who has got what, summed up, ready for billing!