Checklist with Photos

Filling out checklists has never been this easy!

Customize checklists/forms to your business!

  • Attach photos to checklists. This improves and simplifies documentation work

  • In SmartDok you can build and customize forms/checklists for your business. Reduce the number of less relevant forms versus a standard HSE/QA system

  • All forms or checklists can be directly linked to a project or to specific machines

  • You can easily document errors/deviations while working with GPS-tracking in your photos

  • SmartDok facilitates Revision Management and a history of created forms/checklists. Documentation remains in the system permanently and submitted forms/images cannot be deleted afterwards, fulfilling the legal requirements and regulations for managing documentation


We have worked on the Forms and Photos module in SmartDok for a while and think it is both ingenious and simple. The use of checklists is easy and resulted in much better documentation. Recommended!

HSE and QA is becoming increasingly important. The easier it is to do this, the greater the likelihood that it will be done, saving valuable time

With SmartDok you can now easily create your own forms/checklists and fill them out on a PC, mobile or tablet. You can also easily take pictures along with checklists, connect them to the right project, making it straightforward for the project manager/HSE manager to keep track of what is controlled and what deviations have arisen.